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Hello, I’m Bruce Renowden  – licensed estate agent with over 35 years experience in the Melbourne property market … That’s 35 years experience we use to help you.Since 1996 Renowden Buyers Advocates has provided a successful Melbourne Buyers Advocate / Buyers Agent service for hundreds of happy home buyers and investors to buy the RIGHT property while SAVING many thousands of dollars.… Call us today to help make your next purchase the success you want it to be.


And With Renowden Buyers Advocates It Will Cost A FRACTION
What You’ll Pay In Government STAMP DUTY To Get There **



We Think You’ll Like Our Services Because:


  • Our buyers buy homes before they are publicly listed
  •  Our buyers benefit from superior experience when negotiating
    at auction, prior to auction or in tight private sales
  •  Our buyers enjoy us pre-selecting suitable properties for their
    inspection, saving them time and the “drudgery” of looking
  • Our buyers will have bought (and bought well) on average in 4 to 8 weeks after starting out with us


With Renowden Buyers Advocates, you are able to enjoy the buying process and the benefit of expert advice much more than if doing it on your own. From start to finish, we help with timely and strategic suggestions and guidance; through to acting for you to buy, at the lowest possible price. This not only makes home or investment buying a lot easier and with more certainty, but pays for itself with a better purchase, for a better price.

We will help to reduce the pain of stamp duty … and that has to be another good reason for you to call us!!



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