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Hello, I’m Bruce Renowden – licensed estate agent with over 40 years experience in the Melbourne property market. Since 1996 Renowden Buyers Advocates has provided a successful Melbourne Buyers Advocate / Buyers Agent service for hundreds of happy home buyers and investors to buy the RIGHT property while SAVING many thousands of dollars.


Why Buy An Investment Property?

With Renowden Buyers Advocates our trusted name will save you time and money.
Our long time experience guarantees it.


Here Are The Facts:

  • All Our Search Clients Successfully Purchase – With Few Exceptions
  • 90% of our buyers have happily bought after 4 to 8 weeks with our assistance
  • The other 10% take less or more time
  • Our clients keep coming back


  • Our buyers buy homes before they are publicly listed
  • Our buyers benefit from superior experience when negotiating sales, buying pre-auction and auction bidding
  • Our buyers enjoy us pre-selecting suitable properties for their inspection
  • Our buyers receive experienced advice right through their looking process

Renowden Buyers Advocates positioning you ahead every time in:

  • Property Search
  • Auction Bidding
  • Private Sale negotiation
  • Vendor Advocacy

“A big thankyou Bruce, for your help in finding and securing the right property for my family. In the realm of real estate – procrastination, avoidance and denial have been my philosophies – it’s all been just too much of a nightmare, but your guidance and your brilliant, brisk and well executed work, have produced a marvellous and painless outcome. I must also say what a good natured, positive and memorable experience the whole process has been. I didn’t expect that. For your unflagging cheeriness and good humour I am especially grateful. Well done mate and all good wishes.”

– Michael Leunig



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